Who we are


The founder, Juzo Imai, was born in Nagano, in 1917. He started to work as an apprentice in Tokyo in his earlier years.
After he overcame difficulties due to the War, he opened IMAI-EN in 1947.
He, his family and fellows have been loved by many local customers for a long time, and hope to continue the family legacy.



We celebrated our 50th anniversary and Juzo’s 80th birthday in 1997.
Kenji Imai, the son of the founder, took over the business in 1999.
We decided to fully renovate our shop in 2004 and now, we welcome local customers of all ages and people who love authentic Japanese tea and traditions.
Also, one of our most important missions is to spread the true aspects of Japanese tea culture abroad.

IMAI-EN Green Tea Company.
2-20-1 Nezu, Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo, Japan 1130031
Contact; info@imai-tea.com