Where we are


Direct to us; 30 seconds’ walk from NEZU Metro station / Exit no.1 by Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line (green line)


Enjoy walking through Ueno Park to us; 20 minutes’ walk from Ueno Station.



Plan to visit UENO? Go for a stroll around attractive NEZU Area!

This is a perfect place for a stroll, very small but filled with the atmosphere of the locals and traditions in Tokyo.

High buildings and very old wooden houses neighbor in a small area. There are any kinds of eateries and shops, which are old but energetic over 50 years or newly opened by younger people.

There are many historic places, of course. “Nezu shrine” is designated as Nationally Important Cultural Properties.

This complexity colors the small town of very unique. Let’s go for a stroll around NEZU, escape from general sightseeing!