What we offer


We sell authentic teas, Japanese-style tea pots, tea cups and accessories at affordable prices.
We, the Japanese, always enjoy a variety of green teas (hot or cold), not only at special tea ceremonies but also at every meals, and with sweets, for hydration and to relax. We are happy if you enjoy this healthy drink at your home as Japanese locals do.

“Cha” listed below means “tea” in Japanese.
Green tea field


Most popular

It is known for it’s various flavor, aroma, color and price. IMAI-EN will help you find your favorite. Why don’t you welcome your guests with a cup of tea as the Japanese do?


Freshly Green

Made by tea trees’ stems, this tea has very low caffeine. Flavor is clear. Make yourself be relaxed, and look back on your trip to Japan at your home.


Premium & Rich

Produced in very small quantities. Flavor is sweet and complex. Natural ingredients in the tea will ease your frustration, and good for relaxing.



Familiar & Sweet

Powdered green tea. Not only for special tea ceremony, but also appears in anything Japanese dishes and cafe lattes, a hundred sweets.


Refreshing & No Bitterness

It is also everyday green tea but roasted. The flavor is very clear, and good for children and very low caffeine content.


Unique but tasty

Blend of green teas with well-toasted brown rice (genmai). It is very popular for its unique and tasty flavor.